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If you live in Scotland or Cornwall or anywhere in between and you want the best electric bike,

call us and you will get the best electric bike.

Electric Bike World are electric bike specialists,

We have been selling electric bikes for over ten years.
We only sell electric bikes and we really know our stuff.

Call us to find out more.

Please note that due to ongoing supply issues all bikes are currently out of stock

Here at Electric Bike World we sell

electric bikes
and we ship them all over the UK and Europe.

Quality bikes
E-bike Specialists
2 year warranty
On-site workshop
Full support

We are Electric Bike World, one of the oldest established solely electric bikes shops in the United Kingdom. Read more  ...

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Electric Bikes 


Our team is based in Southampton, Hampshire and for over a decade we have been producing the finest e-bikes with fantastic service. Our team manufactures and sells the best electric bikes, with the best motors, the best Samsung batteries, and the best hydraulic disc brakes.


With an e-bike from Electric Bike World, you know you are getting a high quality product and service.


Why Choose An E-Bike?


There are numerous reasons why people choose to move from one method of transport to an e-bike. Similar to other methods of personal transport, you can enjoy the freedom and other advantages of your own personally powered transport. However, unlike other transport options, if you choose to travel via e-bike, you don’t have to worry about costs of fuel, tax, licence, and insurance.


As such, road legal electric bicycles are a fantastic choice for people searching for transport to use whilst commuting to work as they provide a quick and easy commute with very little cost.


They are also a great choice for people who enjoy cycling but struggle going up hills. Additionally, they may also appeal to people who want to cycle to keep active, but don’t want to arrive at their destination feeling exhausted. They are also a great choice for people who have caravans because instead of driving the caravan to nearby tourist areas, you can instead use the bike as an alternative form of transport once you reach your caravan park destination.


Bikes From Electric Bike World - Outperforming The Competition


If you’re searching for a e-bike to about use on a road and you’re concerned poor performance, browse through our range of road legal electric bicycles. Our electric bikes will outperform all other road legal electric bikes in terms of speed, power, range, ease of use, backup and warranty.


Our electric bicycles are available to customers all over the United Kingdom. So if you’re not located in the Southampton, Hampshire area, you can still enjoy a high quality electrical bike from our website. Additionally, all bikes purchased from us are fully supported. This means that if you live far from us and find it hard to get to the workshop, that’s no problem. Our warranty is fully supported where ever you live.


Would You Like To Learn More? Contact Our Team Or Visit Us In Store


At Electric Bike World we only sell e-bikes; so it’s fair to say we know our stuff. So if you live in Cornwall, Scotland, or anywhere in between and you’re searching for the best e-Bike, call us and learn more.


If you would like more information regarding the electrical bikes that are available for sale from Electric Bike World, please do not hesitate to get in touch with a member of our team by calling 02380 236 540.

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